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My name is Michelle Pugle, and I'm so glad you've found this free library of health content. Here, we cut through medical jargon to bring you the latest research findings and subject matter expert insights so you can make truly informed choices about your health and wellness. 


Michelle Pugle is a health writer with bylines in industry-leading and award-winning digital health platforms including Healthline. She received her Master of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario and BA in English and Sociology from Thompson Rivers University. Michelle also holds a diploma in Holistic Herbal Therapy and training certifications in reiki energy work, anti-violence work, and mental health first aid.


Michelle has been writing, reporting, and editing for digital media sites and wellness brands for a decade. Her work has been featured in Healthline, Verywell,, Psych Central, Yahoo!, and Everyday Health. She has a research-focused Master’s degree, Bachelor's in English and Sociology, Mental Health First Aid certification, diploma in Holistic Herbal Therapy, and training certifications in suicide prevention, anti-violence, and counselling methods and techniques. Before freelancing, Michelle worked for the award-winning lifestyle and entertainment website as a staff writer, editor, data analyst, and content manager. You can see her full CV on LinkedIn

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