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Michelle wrote Ana, Mia & Me at the young age of seventeen.

This raw recovery memoir provides an authentic look into what life with an eating disorder can look like.


Thirteen years later, the protagonist returns with a note to readers, an afterword, and free online resources for those looking to learn more. 


By sharing her story, she is letting others know it is possible to silence the voices of Ana & Mia.

Recovery is possible. 

Treatment is available.

You are worthy.

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What People are Saying

"Profoundly moving." - Anon.

"Beautiful, vulnerable, raw." - C. Carter

"This book sat unopened on my coffee table for weeks - not for lack of interest but maybe due to a fear of the emotions it might trigger. I finally opened it and read it in one sitting. To Michelle, thank you for sharing your story. You showed extreme braveness in the openness and rawness found in this book. A braveness that is appreciated and inspiring. Wishing you all the best in your journey."

- Kathrin A.

The poetry throughout adds beauty to the darkness of her struggle. This is a strong, brave girl fighting a war with herself. Hopefully peace finds all minds of ED.

-N. Braun

"Something so special about this book is how real it truly is, as many quietly suffer and receive judgments from others, or feel alone (especially as teenagers) when dealing with eating disorders."


- N. Oke

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