my services include

  • writing articles

  • writing course content 

  • writing blog posts

  • ghostwriting (additional fee)

  • copywriting

  • editing 

  • interviewing

  • consulting and coaching on writing skills, essay development, application enhancement

what I don't do

I wish I could respond to every pitch or promo email but I can't. If I do respond, I'm really serious about your story, website, or what you're selling.

  • I don't open cold pitches with keywords around fat loss / losing weight. I am anti-diet and anti-calorie culture.

  • I don't work directly for any single company (I'm a freelance writer). This means that while you may see my content on a website, I typically do not have say regarding headlining or final copy.

  • I don't pay for followers, reviewers, or likes, and I do not accept payment for reviews. If you'd like me to try a product, I'm usually happy to! If it fits my brand, I'll post it to my Instagram and Facebook, but I make no promises.

  • I don't promote products I don't use.


Thank you for reviewing my portfolio. Please feel free to reach out with relevant expert contacts, pitches, and potential opportunities.

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