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Mad Maid

Mad Maid is a feminist mental health brand on a mission to bring light to dark topics. Mad Maid content is lived experience explicit content. It is not medical or mental health advice. Mad Maid creates mixed-media content around topics including suicide prevention, addiction recovery, eating disorder recovery, sexual assault recovery, overcoming intergenerational trauma, and surviving mental health crisis.

Podcast. Blog. Art.


A doctor told me to "get sexy with my mental health," a few months after being assaulted, so I started a feminist mental health podcast tackling taboo topics including medical gaslighting, and the intersection of childhood trauma, sexual violence, eating disorders, addictions, chronic pain, and risk of suicide.

"This raw and always unscripted podcast is created from a place of trying to transform pain into purpose."

It is not suitable for younger audiences.


Mad Maid advocacy work seeks to explore how experiences shape our health and offer insight on surviving mental health crises when living with diagnosed or undiagnosed conditions.



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