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There is a magic in her madness...

Welcome to the official home of

Mad Maid - a feminist mental health advocacy brand on a mission to bring light to dark topics. 

Image by Valentin Müller

Who is Mad Maid?

writer. podcaster. artist. advocate.

The creative alter ego of mental health journalist, author, and advocate Michelle Pugle. Mad Maid is feminist, queer, chronically ill, and on a mission to raise awareness about the mental health crisis and what it means to live "well" while ill.


Feminist Mental Health Advocacy

MAD MAID is a feminist mental health and advocacy brand on mission to bring light to dark topics. You are not alone, and your experiences of illness are not invisible. 

Mad Maid grew up in a small village in British Columbia and has lived experiences with disordered eating, suicidal thinking since childhood, C-PTSD or complex post-traumatic stress disorder,  and chronic pain associated with the invisible illness known as fibromyalgia. Mad Maid is part of the chronic illness and queer community and creates content in Tk'emlups. 

Image by Marek Piwnicki

What does the ghost represent?

The Mad Maid logo is a ghost with heart eyes and a sewn mouth. The symbol represents the historical marginalization and oppression of people with invisible illnesses. We are still here, and our stories matter. 

Thank you for supporting content creators with lived experiences. 

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all about the 'S' word
: suicide

She asked for help.


Here's what happened next...

Want to help in the creation of Season 2? We could use coffee cash and contributions to help us release episodes on major streaming platforms. Thank you for supporting creatives with lived experiences!

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Leaves Shadow

Mental Health Crisis Lines (Canada)


 Text HOME to 741 741

to reach a volunteer Crisis Counsellor

Talk Suicide @

Suicide Prevention Resources


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