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Ana, Mia & Me

Ana, Mia & Me provides a rare and raw chance to look inside the mind of a teen experiencing an eating disorder and severe depression. Michelle wrote this memoir at age 17 while in therapy for eating disorder recovery. The document is exploratory in nature, helping the author understand how she went from wanting to lose 10 pounds to fighting for her health in a recovery battle against her greater opponent: her own mind. The OG text is the exact same as it was originally written, and the author has added new insights, recovery reflections, and resources for further exploration. 

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Space to Grow

Space to Grow is a collection of poems about bending, breaking, and growing. Written over the course of the author getting married, divorced, and sober from alcohol, the poems are a real-time encapsulation of what happens when a woman stops people-pleasing (bending), starts recognizing past traumas as present problems (breaking), and begins healing (growing). The author's words of wisdom welcome readers to see what's possible after love, loss, and trauma.

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The Work

The Work is an introductory self-help book on how you can start doing "the work" of trauma healing and recovery no matter what your trauma history or budget. This book offers 19+ best lessons learned in trauma-informed therapy. Topics include understanding trauma, its impact on your life, relationships, and how to move forward with healing on your own terms. The Mental Health activity in Lesson 16 is available to help you begin making changes today.

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