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Diet and ADHD Myths Debunked

Ever heard someone say, ‘Sugar makes ADHD worse’? Here’s why that’s a myth — and 3 other diet notions to avoid.

Selecting the Best Night Guard for Your Oral Health

This article will explain when to get a night guard and other reasons to consider sleeping with a night guard or wearing a mouth guard during the day.

Image by Alexander Grey

Symptoms of Low Estrogen

Low estrogen levels affect your whole body. Find out more about symptoms to watch for and when to see a doctor.

Dogs Can Smell When We're Stressed Out

Stress smells and dogs know it. 
Interviews with Dr. Helen Egger, a child psychiatrist and co-founder of children’s mental health app Little Otter and Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist based in New York City as well as the director of Comprehend the Mind.

10 CBD Products to Fall for this Autumn

Making the most of the holidays means indulging in all the delicious flavours of the season, and this year, that includes CBD. Here's what you need to know.

Smart Watch

Fitbit Recalling Nearly 2 Million Ionic Smartwatches Due to Burn Hazard

Experts say there are some general safety tips to follow with wearable tech devices, including keeping them out of the sun while recharging and removing the device if you feel it overheating.