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ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Body Double for ADHD: What It Is, How It Works

Getting motivated, staying focused, and completing tasks are core challenges for people living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Body doubling may help people with ADHD work around these difficulties. Read more in Verywell.

5 Ways of Coping with ADHD During the Holidays

“Individuals with ADHD thrive with structure, predictability, and well-established routines, which during the holiday season can be easily disrupted. This can result in low tolerance, increased irritability, and frustration,” explains Barbara Nosal, PhD, a licensed family and marriage therapist, licensed alcohol and drug counselor, and chief clinical officer at Newport Academy, a mental health treatment center for teens and young adults. Take back the joy with these expert tips. Read more in Everyday Health.

What Research Says About the 'ADHD' Brain

This article will detail the differences between the ADHD brain and a neurotypical brain (without ADHD), as well as provide information on coping with ADHD. Read more in Verywell.

Does ADHD Affect Hunger?

ADHD affects hunger in several ways — you might feel less hungry, forget to eat, or get distracted while eating so you don’t complete meals.Various strategies can help you deal with the effects ADHD has on your eating habits. Read more in Psych Central.

Stimming and ADHD: Examples, Triggers, and Management

Stimming is normal in ADHD, but can be problematic if it disrupts everyday functioning or results in self-harm or injury. Medication, self-control techniques, and environment changes may help. This article describes types of stimming, factors that trigger such behaviors, and how to manage it. Read more in Verywell.

Experts Talk Parenting and ADHD

Parents with ADHD may worry about their children dealing with similar challenges. But experts say you can teach your kids how to thrive while coping with symptoms yourself. Read more in Psych Central.

4 Myths About Diet and Your Child's ADHD, Busted

Ever heard someone say, ‘Sugar makes ADHD worse’? Here’s why that’s a myth — and 3 other diet notions to avoid. Read more in Everyday Health.

Try Saying These Things to Someone with ADHD (And What to Avoid)

Even well-intentioned people often use generic expressions and clichéd phrases when trying to be supportive of someone with ADHD — phrases that can do more harm than good. Read more in Everyday Health.

Famous People Get ADHD, Too

These 10 celebrities — actors, Olympians, and other household names — have spoken out about life with ADHD. Read more in Everyday Health.

ADHD and Depression: What's then Link?

Several factors may contribute to the link between the two conditions, including the way ADHD changes a person’s emotions, behaviors, and overall functioning and how that impacts their mental health. Read more in Verywell.

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