• michellepugle

I'm Breaking up With My Boss

My boss is an inhumane capitalist fat cat.

They never give me the weekends off. I work Monday-Friday. Holidays. Nights. Staycations.

Sick days.

They tell me to grow their socials, sell their books, write their articles, and build their brand.

They tell me if I miss a task, I threaten their entire careers.

They tell me everything is make or break.

They tell me to be appreciative and remember my place.

They tell me to keep learning, educating, and advancing.

They tell me to be more relevant. Vocal.

They tell me to watch what I say about certain things. Keep my head down and work. Read more. Write more. Edit more. Sleep less.

Rest. But just enough for productivity's sake. They tell me I am going to ruin their business if I take more than a full day off. They tell me they will only cover expenses that give them a direct return. All other benefits do not exist because I have not earned them enough money, yet.

One day, they promise things will be different, but for now, it is agreed upon that every minute belongs to them. My time is company time.

They tell me overtime is expected and not rewarded. They tell me to be grateful to get paid anything at all.

They tell me to work harder. Longer. Smarter. Diversify. Network. Connect. Engage. Write them another book. Pull the pages they have hidden and make them into magic. Quickly. But also promo. Always promo. Do not embarrass them. Do not mess this up.

Continue to find them new opportunities. And find the time to take those opportunities. Do not burn out. There is literally no one to replace me in this role.

They tell me to relax and not take everything so seriously.

They tell me they will give me the day off but they don't.

### Today I decided to do this thought experiment as a result of googling 'how to take a day off' this morning after promising myself a day off for...months. A real one. It is now 1pm and I have done everything in my power to pretty much avoid putting the computer I wanted to see what it would look like if I wrote it all down in this distanced fashion. I want anyone reading this to know I have never and would never treat a coworker, boss, or employee like this - and this is the exact purpose of this experiment. I have some reflecting to do and some changes to make. But first, I'm taking the rest of today off. Maybe tomorrow, too. I'll have to ask the boss.


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