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Instant Pot Recipes For Eco-Friendly Cooking

I'm cutting down on dirty dishes and unnecessary energy consumption while cooking dinner for my family.

Is this for environmental reasons? Absolutely.

Is it also because I'm sick of doing dishes and keeping track of multiple things cooking at once? Bingo.

You see, the other night, I made fish in one pan, sautéed some veg in another, and roasted potatoes in the oven. To top it all off, I made an entirely unnecessary side salad and dressing that dirtied even more dishes. By dinner's end, I looked around at the dishes to be done and sighed. There has to be a better way, and there is.

Behold the Instant Pot—aka the trendy thing I thought I'd never buy but just realized I can no longer live without.

Why the Instant Pot is an eco-friendly choice for cooking

Compared with roasting in the oven and boiling on the stovetop, the official website says the Instant Pot saves a whopping 70% on energy consumption. Here are the specific details.

  • Reduces cooking time by up to 70%. Less cooking time means less energy used.

  • Requires less water when compared to other cooking methods.

  • Prevents wasteful energy consumption because heat cannot escape and the element is only engaged for 60% of total cooking time.

  • Won't heat up your house like an oven so there's no need for fans or excess air conditioning in summer months.

Additionally, since it's a one-pot solution, you won't waste water, energy, soap, or time cleaning several pots, pans, or baking sheets.

So... I'm sold. And no, Instant Pot is not paying me to say this.

I am, however, hoping that when I get my Instant Pot, I can make some really easy and eco-friendly recipes to share with you. Until then, I'm turning to Pinterest to find some easy and eco-friendly Instant Pot recipes to get me started on this new cooking venture.

Pinterest-worthy Instant Pot recipes

The recipes I've chosen to highlight in this list are all things I'm actually going to make my family for one or more of the following reasons:

I've also broken them down into categories to make searching through the meal ideas on busy days a little easier.

Instant Pot Chicken recipes

Source: @instantpotoffical Butter Chicken by Archana Mundhe – The Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook

Instant Pot Plant-based recipes

Source: @instantpotofficial Speedy Sweet Potato Curry by Megan Gilmore – The Fresh and Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook

Instant Pot Fish recipes

Source: @instantpotofficial Lemon Dill Salmon by Sam Dillard – I Love My Instant Pot Keto Diet

Instant Pot Dessert recipes

Source: @instantpotofficial Blueberry Cinnamon Coffee Cake by Ivy Manning – 6 Ingredients or Less Instant Pot Cookbook

I'm not going to lie, I'm probably going to begin with desserts first and work my way up from there. I mean, apple crisp in an Instant Pot? Chocolate Walnut Brownies in an Instant Pot? Why have I never thought of buying an Instant Pot before?

Eco-friendly eating feels pretty good right about now.


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