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Let's Talk About Tofu

As someone who spent the greater part of her twenties as a strict vegan, I know a thing or two about tofu. I've toasted, crumbled, fried, and grilled this fermented bean into hundreds of dishes. I actually like it, too. I know it's not for everyone, but for me, the bland blank slate is just fine because the culinary options are endless.

Tofu was once a household staple, but after reintroducing certain animal products back into my diet about two years ago, I kind of forgot about this soy-based substitute—until now. After sautéing some cubes with sliced cremini mushrooms, spinach, chopped ginger, and tamari for a mid-morning snack, I decided to write this post on one of the most under-appreciated proteins of all time.

Reasons to eat organic tofu

  • source of all nine essential amino acids

  • high in calcium

  • low-calorie source of iron

  • can potentially lower bad cholesterol

  • phytoestrogens can potentially protect against certain cancers

  • inexpensive

  • cooks quickly

  • versatile

  • readily available all season

Types of tofu

When I say tofu is versatile, I'm not simply referring to its ability to absorb any marinated flavour. I'm talking about texture. Tofu ranges from silken and pudding-like to extra-firm and dense. It can be used to replace anything from sour cream to scrambled eggs to chicken wings. Really. With the right seasonings, anything is possible. I'm not saying anything is reasonable, but anything is possible. Side-note: Apologies for everyone in my life who had to go through my scrambled turmeric and nutritional yeast recipe "perfection" phase. Seriously though, is there a downside?

Of course! With anything in life, too much is bad. Too much soy can mess with your estrogen levels. It's also not necessarily better for the environment, either, especially if you're choosing non-organic, imported options. Soy production can take a serious toll on our rainforests and waterways. It's best to find a balance. Depending on your individual health needs, this could mean organic tofu maybe once or twice a week, other plant-based proteins a few times, and meat products as well.

Easy ways to add tofu into your diet

Sauté Foodies will want to press and marinate their tofu before tossing it into stir-frys or buddha bowls. Even a simple sauce of lemon, chili pepper, salt, and pepper can add amazing tasting notes to your dish. Quick & Easy Crispy Tofu


Tofu can replace dairy or meat in a variety of delicious dishes. My favourite way to use it is cubed in curry or soaked in spicy soup. Vegan Saag Paneer Ginger & Lemongrass Infused Thai Soup With Crispy Tofu And Wild Rice Miso Noodle Soup


You're just a few seasonings and crumbles away from dairy-free feta cheese that's actually not horrible. Honest. Vegan Tofu Feta Cheese

Grill Press that tofu as best you can, marinate it in BBQ or lemon dill sauce, and grill it up a few hours later.


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