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Meal Planning During a Climate Crisis

This post was going to be fun. I was going to tell you why chickpeas are life-savers and how it's not a proper pantry without canned coconut milk. I was going to lie and say meal planning is easy and you definitely have time for it, no matter how many jobs, pets, kids, or bills you have. I was going to tell you to enjoy Pinterest and make time for scrolling through the overwhelming inspiration. It's important. After all, meal planning helps families eat better balanced meals, reduce stress, and save money.

But something has happened to me lately. Maybe it's the constant climate catastrophe news I'm reading and thinking about. Maybe it's that I'm blogging for an organic agriculture company. Maybe it's because I'm turning 30 this spring. Maybe it's the fact that the majority of humans I know and love are either anxious, depressed, or suffering from a slew of other complications and debt mixed with a fairly constant fear about the future. We care about the planet, but apathy is a strong force among masses. Wasteful habits continue. Self-destruction abounds. Hardly anyone wants to talk or text about it—not at dinners, parties, coffees. There isn't ever a convenient time to talk about the climate crisis.

But I'm from the generation who was told to save the world. Our shows told us, teachers told us, books told us....some of our parents even told us. Many of us were instilled with a sense of powerful purpose that has since turned into our lifelong curse. We know we're not supposed to be so negative, but it's kinda clear reusable bags, upcycling wine bottles, and turning off our lights didn't do squat in the larger scheme of things. From what we hear, it's pretty much out of our hands and up to the policy makers and scientists. On a better note, I heard someone is trying to put carbon back into the earth and that would help stop further warming so...

Who cares about meal planning during a climate crisis? Who cares about any kind of planning at all? College. Kids. Vacations. Houses. Careers. Retirements.

Thinking about it can be emotionally paralyzing and decision-altering—especially when it comes to having kids. Then again, some parents told me they wouldn't let a little climate change stop them from living. And after all, we're not the first generation to fear for the future of the planet, right? Consider what was going through the minds of people during the Nuclear Arms Race...

But still. Now we have the threat of nuclear war and the foresight that climate change, which is already devastating the planet and its animals and people, is a growing global crisis. It's hard to plan in this predicament.

We need to understand that mass scale change—the kind necessary right about now— doesn't start at home. It starts behind closed doors in governments. Getting vocal with your local reps is a strong push forward though. Never underestimate the power of a passionate voice. The louder we can be, the more impact we can have. And honestly, regardless of the circumstances, it's still our duty to do our best to protect the future of our communities as well as our families. Doing both means gaining greater self-sufficiency, period. The more you can accomplish as a team, the stronger you become.

And guess what? Meal planning is actually a great way to begin your self-sufficiency journey so...I should probably go write a fun post on that or something, eh?


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