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My Multiple Sclerosis Story: How I Cope

In collaboration with Damian Washington, actor, rapper, and vlogger living with multiple sclerosis and Verywell Health.

"I’ve learned a lot about living with MS since I was first diagnosed in 2017. Now, I not only want to understand how to live my best life with MS, but I want to connect and help others living with MS, too. We can all help one another."

"MS is incurable, but there is hope. Acceptance is not surrender. This is still my life, and I'm still the captain of my soul. At the beginning of this journey, my hope was crushed. But I have found it in myself and in persisting to find treatments and routines that work for me."

"It all looks different for different people. The important part is to discover what helps you be your best self and what prevents you from being your best self. Only you can answer that."

Read Damian Washington's lived experience multiple sclerosis coping tips as told to Michelle Pugle in My Multiple Sclerosis Story: How I Cope.

Published February 2024.


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