• michellepugle

5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

I meet a lot of people who are unhappily stuck in a life stage. They continue on the same path expecting change. They carry excuses like trophies and shine them daily. Life is unfair. So and so was a jerk. I had no choice. I'm not lucky.

To paraphrase my wise mother: There is always a choice. You are never stuck. The second you believe you are, you're screwed. You've lost control.

How to regain control? Simplify your life. Simplifying your life removes the time-wasters and energy-suckers. It pairs things down to a manageable amount so you can focus on what actually matters. But how do you simplify your life? Here are 5 ways. 1. Remove toxic people Not sure if someone is toxic? They probably are. If they drink too much, don't care for themselves, make excuses, and feed off of other people's success, there is no question. This person has no place in your simplified life. Removing them may be difficult, but it will be worth it in the long run. Sorry to say it, but people can be poisonous and when they are, they're infectious to the whole network. You need to remove the kind of people who take more from relationships than they give.

2. Say no to drama If you remove all the toxic people from your life and you're still swimming in drama, IT'S YOUR FAULT. In some regard, you're attracting that drama, feeding it, housing it, and spreading it around. At this point, you're toxic and cannot move forward. There is no room for drama in a simplified life that nourishes your needs. Stop gossiping, stop judging, stop comparing, and start focusing on yourself.

3. Forget the excuses This is a big one. When your life is filled with excuses at the ready, you're limiting your potential before giving yourself a fair chance. You're telling yourself—and the entire universe—that you can't, won't, and don't. You're actively working to make things harder.

Is that what you want? To stop your life before it begins? Ditch the excuses and take ownership of your life. You'll be amazed at how wide doors can open without stoppers.

4. Eat a rainbow One of the easiest ways to simplify your life is to simplify your diet. Humans waste money, energy, and time complicating food to the point where we misfeed and overeat. We go through the aisles of junk and stock up on cheaper food-like items without thinking about the calorie-nutrient density. Most people can't afford to look at food any other way, but the mentality with any budget should be the same: Eat a rainbow. In upcoming posts, I'll show you how to make a budget and think in food colours, and what it means for your health. Simplifying your diet simplifies your health care needs. By taking care of yourself, you're adding insurance against illness and preventing a whole host of health complications.

5. Clean out the clutter You can think of this one in two ways: 1. Clearing out the mental clutter that's stopping you from living your best life

2. Clearing out the physical clutter in order to streamline your life Either way, the concept of cleaning or clearing is the same: Be done with it. Be done with negative stories that hold you back, be done with not treating yourself as an investment in your family's future, be done with closets of clothes you no longer wear. Get rid of it all until all that's left is useful and necessary.


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