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Sleep Health

Research consistently shows how improving your sleep quality can help improve aspects of your emotional and physical health.

In these articles, Michelle Pugle, MA, MHFA utilizes the latest research and subject matter expert insights to explore how to get a better night's rest, what is restless sleep, when poor sleep crosses the line into sleep disorder, and tips for better sleep with health conditions that cause pain or discomfort.

Links to Articles on Sleep Health

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Featured Interview Quote

“High-quality sleep is linked to an improved mood, better decision making skills, ability to process emotions, coordination, and a higher quality of life. Poor or insufficient sleep can lead to problems with memory, cognitive processing, higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other serious physical and mental health issues.”  -Shelby Harris, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and the director of sleep health with Sleepopolis in Healthy Sleep Habits Can Improve Quality of Life.

If you’re experiencing sleeping issues persisting longer than a few weeks, the American Psychological Association suggests consulting with a healthcare or mental healthcare provider. Sleep deprivation is linked to a host of health concerns including chronic health conditions, risk-taking behaviors, substance use disorder relapse, depression, and suicide. Suicide Prevention Hotline: Dial 9-8-8 to access free crisis support.

Further Reading & Resources

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