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Vaping Vitamins and $52 Bamboo Toilet Paper

Honestly, with a headline like that, what else is there even to say? It's hard to keep up with all the latest trends and products, but not when your job requires you to spend hours a day online. Over the past few years, I've seen some stuff—jade eggs gooping stuff. But vaping vitamins and $52 bamboo toilet paper? Let's break this down together. Vaping vitamins is just premature. There isn't enough research to prove efficacy or safety. Heck, we're only just learning about the potential health consequences of vaping in general, let alone tossing vitamins into the mix. We can theorize and theorize, but we can't yet conclude the risk factors for our vital organs. And while this can be said for many other things, vitamin vaping just isn't necessary. Honestly, while I do love a good supplement or 47, I'd wait this one out...probably indefinitely. It's still best to try to get your nutrients from real foods or at least liquid or powdered concentrates or extracts. And for people who genuinely need vitamin therapies for health and wellness reasons, infusion options do exist. We at least know the risk factors associated with such treatments. As for the bamboo toilet paper...let me explain. I saw this ad come up and actually clicked on it—which never happens. But $52 bamboo toilet paper? I had to check it out. Maybe it was the packaging or the fact I wanted to scoff at something... Here's what I learned: COST

  • $52 is the price is for $48 bamboo-based rolls, making each roll worth just over a dollar. This is their premium brand pricing. The site has a dollar-a-role option as well. Tree-based toilet paper varies from $20 to $50 for the same amount of rolls. Whether the bamboo option is that much more expensive depends on the household budget.


  • Their packing is adorable and eco-friendly. And yes, they explain why they individually wrap their rolls if you're wondering about their sustainability practices.


  • Bamboo grows at a pace that's incomparable to trees or any other crop, really. It also takes less space per stalk and is said to be stronger than steel alloy and resistant to termites.

  • According to Climate Central, "bamboo can be re-harvested every three years without any harmful effects on the environment. With the average 500-year life span of a redwood tree, a bamboo plant could be harvested and regrown more than 150 times." 

I couldn't help myself. This morning on the drive back from dropping my stepdaughter off at school I asked my partner how much he would pay for one roll of toilet paper. When he responded with "a dollar" I knew I was ordering some of their 3-ply to try. Maybe it was the fancy packaging or the targeted ad, maybe it's the fact my partner is becoming more open to trying new ways to reduce our ecoprint and I'm taking full advantage, or maybe it's my love of forests that prompted the purchase. Whatever it was, I'll let you know if it's worth it when it arrives!


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