Interprofessional Mental Health Practice Certification

Aug 2020 - Current

I'm currently adding a practicum-based program to my educational profile through my alma mater TRU's School of Nursing. 

This professional certification will transform my theoretical background into a practical and purposeful platform.

Upon completion, I'll be offering consulting services & packages for cross-industry professional organizations developing or evolving their current Human Resources approach to mental health in the Canadian workplace.


Writing a book about sobriety

2020 in creative spurts.

Have you ever thought about what life would be like sober? 

Michelle Pugle writes her way through 100 alcohol-free days while discussing the challenges of staying sober in 2020. Topics covered include relapse vs zero tolerance culture, caffeine, cannabis, and mental health. 


Stay tuned for release details.


Sharing Ana, Mia & Me 

Ongoing promotion

Giving away 100 copies of Ana, Mia & Me: A Memoir from an Anorexic Teen Mind. 

Hoping to get these into the hands of those with/recovering from eating disorders, clinics, counsellor's offices, doctor's offices, etc. Up to 5 copies per person or workplace. 

If interested - message me directly.

Please share with your network of mental health professionals.

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