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Depression: 6 Tips for Eating Well When Cooking Feels Impossible

If you’re feeling down, preparing a meal can feel like a major task. Experts share their best tips for making meal prep easier and choosing foods that will help lift your energy and mood.

Eating Time

Is Depression Genetic?

It’s believed that no one single gene causes depression. People inherit a combination of genes from their parents, and certain gene combinations can make it more likely for someone to develop depression. However, some people who develop depression do not have a family history of the mental disorder.


Acupuncture for Depression

While not a replacement for standard depression treatments, some studies suggest that acupuncture can help people with the mood disorder feel better.

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Would you know depression if you felt its symptoms?

What if your friend started showing signs? 

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How Depression is Diagnosed

There are several methods you and your healthcare provider may use to determine whether or not you have depression (and what type of depression).


Despite your best intentions, telling a family member or friend with depression that ‘things could be so much worse’ isn’t as helpful as you might think. Here’s why.

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