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How Certain Foods Impact COVID-19 Risk 

  • What do coffee, kale, and breastmilk have in common? New research says these foods...

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Summer Camp and COVID-19: What Parents Should Know

  • Experts say summer camps can be safe for children, but there are several things parents should consider.

How to Cope with COVID-19 Survivor's Guilt

  • Experts say survivor’s guilt is becoming an issue for people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • They say symptoms of survivor’s guilt include obsessive thoughts, sleep difficulties, and a loss of motivation.

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How to Get the Most Out of Exercise While Wearing a Cloth Face Mask​

  • Researchers say cloth face masks can make exercising more difficult because they can affect breathing.

  • They add that people exercising should still wear a mask for safety.

  • They recommend choosing a face covering that fits well and is breathable.

Vacci-Dating: Should You Tell Others About Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status?

  • Experts say that revealing your COVID-19 vaccination status online can present some privacy risks.

  • Going on a date isn’t completely risk-free, even if both people are vaccinated, and you should still follow safety protocols.

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Noninvasive Saliva Tests for COVID-19 as Effective as Nose, Throat Swabs

  • Researchers say new saliva tests are nearly as accurate as throat and nasal swabs to detect COVID-19.

  • Some at-home tests require a prescription, and some need to be sent to labs while others don’t.

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‘Things tend to escalate around major life events’: How to Escape Domestic Violence in Canada during COVID-19

Image by Barthelemy de Mazenod
  • Canadian victims of domestic abuse are at risk now more than ever.

  • Experts say if you feel at risk, you are most likely at risk. 

  • Not feeling at risk does not necessarily mean you are not at risk, however, as people tend to normalize their abuser’s behaviour.

Neck Gaiters Are Stylish, But How Effective Are They in Stopping COVID-19 Spread?

  • Researchers say certain types of neck gaiter face coverings aren’t effective in stopping the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

  • They add that whatever face covering you wear, it’s still important to maintain physical distancing and to avoid mass gatherings.

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Pets and COVID-19: Answers to All Your Questions

  • People with COVID-19 are more likely to spread the virus to animals when they are in close contact,” she said. “Owners that cuddle with their pets or handle their pets’ belongings while ill are thought to be more likely to spread infection.

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Don't Feel Guilty If Your Self-Isolation Isn't Productive

  • It's okay if you're not inspired right now.

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