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"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been beating myself up as my quilting and needle work is not being done at all. Before the virus, I wasn't doing any either. And that had it's own guilt. Now, I still can't make myself to it. My therapist know we this and says I will pick up my hobbies when I am ready. That comforts me a lot. Depression and especially anxiety ramped up now. Self isolating due to age and underlying conditions. Perhaps I may pick up a small project but I don't know. I guess I just be at ease with my complex emotions."

 - On Don't Feel Guilty if Your Self-Isolation Isn't Productive via The Mighty.
"Common Sense advice that I can really relate to! (And common sense 'aint so common these days!) And I know from when i'm functioning well, all 5 of those things are part of my life!I was rolling my eyes (at myself!) all the way through the article! High functioning - sock thing - oh yes! and more... The soup thing is awesome advice too!
Thank you! What A Leg - end! Have a good day! I insist! ;oD"

-On 5 Easy Ways to Practive Self-Care When You Couldn't Care Less via The Mighty

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