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June 2021

You can use the emotion wheel to develop a stronger and more compassionate bond with yourself and others. When you are no longer fighting yourself to figure out how you feel and what it means, you begin to attract a higher vibration of energy. 

My online freelance career began at

One Green Planet in 2013.

From there, I wrote for gardening websites.

That helped me get the job as a Lifestyle Content Writer for Diply by GoViral Inc. in 2014.

Not long afterwards, 

 I started managing social media pages and content calendars

 for household names and celebrities.

Then I became the Team Lead for the Inspirational category of the website, and then I built a team of 10+ international freelance writers.

In 2018, I took a chance on myself as a remote worker - and another world of opportunity opened.

Below are some of the things I have been able to contribute to since.

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