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Michelle Pugle is a health and wellness writer, journalist, and news reporter featured on Healthline News, Psych Central, Everyday Health, Verywell Health, Goalcast, and the National Eating Disorder Information Centre.


She is also a 2nd degree reiki practitioner with certifications in Mental Health First Aid & Suicide Prevention.

She is not a therapist or doctor. 


Books include Ana, Mia & Me: An Eating Disorder Recovery Memoir and Space to Grow, Poems.

Formal education and training

  • Usui Reiki Practitioner 2nd Degree 

  • Mental Health First Aid Certification (Mental Health Commission of Canada)

  • Master's degree in Feminist Research (UWO)

  • Double Bachelor's in Sociology and English (TRU)

  • Diploma in Holistic Herbal Therapy

  • Suicide Prevention Certification (LivingWorks)


MENTAL HEALTH CONTENT written by Michelle


Written for Psych Central

Sometimes, others’ good intentions and attempts to support you can be harmful. Denying the impact of trauma doesn’t make it go away — and could actually make it worse. Find out how to cope in a healthy way.


Written for Everyday Health

Actually, it’s a buzzword to describe a real clinical diagnosis, persistent depressive disorder, also known as dysthymia. Here’s what that really means.

Drinking Wine

How to Help Someone With an Alcohol Use Disorder

Written for Everyday Health

The support of family and friends can make a big difference in someone’s recovery from alcohol use disorder, especially in the early stages

Image by Lindsay  Henwood

What are Success Strategies?

Written for Goalcast

Success is defined by what you want out of life. Someone else’s goals do not need to be your goals. Whatever you want and whatever looks like success to you, go for it with everything you’ve got.

Drinking Wine

How to talk to a loved one about your drinking

Written for The National Drug Helpline

Interviews with Abe Malkin, MD, MBA, founder and medical director of Concierge MD LA, a home-based concierge medical practice, and Elite Home Detox, an in-home substance-use detox service, and Patrick Cooke, a conscious-sobriety coach who works with artists and creatives to change their relationship with alcohol, and Mike Diamond, a former reality TV star, motivational speaker/author, and certified interventionist who is also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

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