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Michelle Pugle, Master of Arts, writes about research, interviews subject matter experts, and provides professional communications content services to award-winning clients.  

Welcome to the writing portfolio.

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Thompson Rivers University

Psych Central


Everyday Health

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Home-grown solutions for tackling housing gaps

Making positive change through research

Thompson Rivers University

Top Strategies for Stress Relief

Stress can build up and cause problems to your health. With the right stress-relieving strategies, you can deal with stress that pops up in your everyday life and prevent it from affecting you.


Lived experience holds new hope for BC’s toxic drug crisis

The heart of this art research exhibit is to start conversations, uncover hidden lived experiences and amplify the voices of people in trades affected by BC’s opioid and toxic overdose crisis.

Thompson Rivers University

What are Mood Disorders?

No two people experience will experience a mood disorder in the exact same way. Here are different mood disorders, overlaps, and differences.


Exercise, Chores, and Social Visits Can Help Lower Dementia Risk

Researchers say staying active both physically and mentally can help lower the risk of dementia.


The Truth About Anorexia Nervosas

Find out myths versus facts and when to seek help.

Everyday Health

"Michelle does work accurately, on time and on budget. She is just a pleasure to deal with.


The test of any writer is the ability to develop an ownable voice that stands out amongst the public and she nailed it.


Looking forward to working with her more moving forward."

-Drew Campbell, The Green Organic Dutchman

"As an editor at Healthline, I have enjoyed working with Michelle the past 5 years.


She is reliable and does quality work. She never misses a deadline and always delivers what we want in a story.


On top of that, she is easy to work with." 

-David Mills, Editor 

Michelle Pugle, MA

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