Enhancing health literacy so readers can make safer, smarter decisions about their holistic health throughout the lifespan. 

I'm Michelle.

Freelance health & lifestyle writer​ trained in mental health first aid.

I translate the latest research, conduct expert interviews, and share my living experience to enhance health literacy and raise awareness about mental health conditions, chronic illnesses, and recovery and remission through lifestyle management.


You may have seen my articles on Healthline News, Verywell Health, and Everyday Health. 



Writing has always been my outlet. I was writing short stories in crayons, writing poetry on walls, and was published for writing about depression in my early teens.


I wrote an eating disorder recovery memoir titled Ana, Mia & Me when I was 17 and going through cognitive behavioral therapy for anorexia. During the pandemic, I published the manuscript and have now added strategies for sustained recovery and an essay reflecting on healthy eating while recovering, in remission, or recovered from anorexia. 



Previously, I spent four years working in-house as a top-performing lifestyle writer, editor, and content manager for a viral content company and two years brand voice building (BVB) for Canada's organic cannabis company The Green Organic Dutchman.


You can also find my work on Goalcast, The Mighty, Sick Not Weak, and Thought Catalog.


Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to learn more about my services and my consumer-forward approach to health writing.


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While recovering at 17 from anorexia, I wrote a memoir. 

It has been updated with a message from the author over a decade later, tips on sustaining recovery, and resources on when, where,

and how to seek help. 

E-book and paperback is available on Amazon. You can also contact me directly about signed copies.

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  • interviewing experts and reporting on latest health trends and news

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  • first draft reviewing with notes for easy skill-building

  • tutoring for essay and exam preparations

  • writing white papers

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