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Social Phobia Inventory Test for Social Anxiety

The social phobia inventory scale, or SPIN, is a way of measuring a person’s level of social phobia or social anxiety. Developed at Duke University, it contains 17 expert questions that are said to assist in the diagnosis of social anxiety disorder. It is among social phobia assessment tests that include the social phobia scale, or SPS, and the Social Interaction Anxiety Scale, or SIAS.

SPIN works by asking questions about symptoms of social anxiety in different contexts. Each answer is given on a 5-point Likert scale (extremely agree to not at all) and then scored as a total. There's also a Mini-SPIN test that works the same way but includes only three questions about experiences in the past week. This article explains the SPIN assessment, how it works, and its limitations. It also presents information about what the results can mean. Read more in Verywell.


Michelle Pugle, MA

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